Mesotherapie represents a method used for years in medicine. It consists of injecting small doses of the drug substance directly in the affected places. In the fiftees, a French physician M. Pistor began to use the method of mesotherapy in the field of internal medecine. Later on in the eightees mesotherapy became famous in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

Thanks to the direct service of medicinal substances and nutrients through intradermal injections in the appropriate places such as face, neck, shoulders, hairy skin of the head, buttocks, tummy, thighs, it is perfect way to prevent skin aging, hair loss and the formation of cellulite.
Treatments may only carry out by the doctor manually using appropriately chosen size needles and syringes, or mechanically using mesotherapy gun. In mesotherapy is drawn up for injection solutions which are typically mixtures of two or three medicinal substances, revitalizing and regenerating called coctails. Active substances should be properly matched to the type of surgery and the patient's needs.

The advantages of mesotherapy are huge. Thanks to it in a way non surgical can be gradually improved condition and appearance of the skin. Intradermal or subcutaneous injections of substances such as hyaluronic acid, silica, organic or multivitamin complexes stimulate cell metabolism, increase production of collagen and gives the impression of a younger, well-nourished and rested skin.

Mesotherapy is also very effective in treatment of hair loss. Specially prepared cocktail of substances feeding hair cause a regeneration of the hair structure, the process is stopped hair loss.

Mesotherapy is also irreplaceable cited the fight against cellulite. Injections of hypoosmolaric cocktails improve microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue and increase the metabolism of fat cells leading to an overall firming of the skin and remove the orange peel effect.

Mesotherapy as a method of regenerating and nourishing your skin enjoys a remarkable success since the introduction of direct intradermal active ingredients for quick and visible effects of the correction of wrinkles, improve the condition of hair and smooth skin of the body which results in great mood and confidence.

Procedures are not performed for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, in the case of allergies, coagulation disorders, diabetes, inflammation of the skin, herpes and some drugs (e.g. aspirin)