Laser treatment

Lasers and the monochromatic light they emit (1 wavelength) are more suitable than any other method for the treatment of a variety of disturbing skin changes, such as the consequences of light-aged skin, excessive hair growth, varicose veins and the spider veins derived from them.

The success of such a treatment depends crucially on the match between the wavelength used and the absorption maximum of the disturbing skin change. In addition, success depends on the energy doses used and - associated with this - the accuracy of the destruction of the target structure or the protection of the tissue surrounding the target structure.

From the observation that disturbing skin changes, such as age spots or excessive hair growth, do not exhibit uniform pigmentation, it can already be deduced that laser therapy with only one wavelength can only be expected to produce suboptimal treatment results. It follows that a narrow "band-shaped" spectrum of wavelengths is required to treat these skin changes, which should correspond to the absorption maxima of the target structure, but not to the absorption maxima of the surrounding tissue.

In addition to conventional lasers, our practice therefore also offers you so-called flashlamp therapy (IPL = intensified pulsed light), which allows the selection of band filters adapted to individual target structures.

In detail, the laser procedures used in our practice are used to treat the following conditions:

- Removal of disturbing skin changes, such as warts, style warts (fibromas),
   senile warts

- Gentle skin resurfacing for the treatment of fine wrinkles,
   pigment irregularities and irregularities in skin texture

- Deep skin resurfacing for the treatment of deep wrinkles and scars (e.g. after acne,
   injuries  or burns)

- Removal of superficial varicose veins (e.g. spider veins on the legs)

- Removal of blood tumors (hemangiomas) such as port-wine stains

- for permanent hair removal

- for the removal of pigment irregularities, such as age spots or melasma

- for the removal of linear, tree-like, spider-shaped and punctiform
   vascular dilatations (telangiectasias)

- for the treatment of age-related acne (rosacea)

- for the treatment of light-induced precursors of light skin cancer as part of
         photodynamic therapy (PDT)

- for the removal of individual tattoos in the black and blue areas

Even if the treatment results of the laser systems used exclusively by our medical staff are remarkable, they do not perform miracles. Their use is subject to physical limitations, which we will be happy to explain to you in a consultation. For example, our laser systems cannot be used to remove white hairs. Likewise, the treatment results for the removal of non-black or blue tattoos are unsatisfactory.